The water is rising…

As the Missouri river swells between Omaha and Council Bluffs, we have a unique opportunity to watch a major flood event slowly develop into a major emergency. This also gives us a highly unique opportunity to become incredibly prepared for this impending disaster. Sue Pitts at the Iowa Western Community College (IWCC) Small Business Development Center (SBDC) has identified some ideas and resources to help your business stay in business, even if your operations are washed downstream.


  1. Assess critical functions and employees
  2. Identify critical customers and vendors
  3. Plan for alternative work space
  4. Have essentials ready to move QUICK!
  5. Discuss this plan with your employees

Read the full article and additional resources!


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Daily Nonpareil Readers Choice Awards

Council Bluffs Iowa Old Town
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I wanted to make sure that all of the Council Bluffs locals remember to vote in the Daily Nonpareil 2010 Reader’s Choice awards. The more significant the participation, the more meaningful the awards are! Follow the link below and click on “Vote Now” in the middle-right portion of the screen (I honestly overlooked this at first – in the gray bar in the middle of the screen).

Click here to vote!

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Midlands Venture Forum – May 27

Have great ideas but don’t have the money to bring them to life?  Head out to the Midlands Venture Forum networking dinner on Thursday May 27 and learn more from an exciting panel of Private Equity Professionals.

Get more details about the event and the speakers from Silicon Prairie News.  Remember to read all the way down to the bottom if you would like to attend with the Cornstalks group.

Big Omaha, Big Ideas

Day one is down for the second annual Big Omaha conference and although I’m not there, I have been catching nuggets of ideas and inspiration throughout the day following the #bigomaha hashtag on Twitter.

This year’s event featured an all-star line up of speakers thanks to the hard work of the guys over at Silicon Prairie News and their crew.

I’m certain we’ll see lots of reflections and event reviews as the event finishes up tomorrow with the Saturday morning session.  The speakers have already passed along a lot of great quote-ables that have been shared and re-shared throughout the day:

From @jaywilk According to @scottbelsky Leaders should always talk last. Otherwise, subordinates won’t share their ideas.

From @MarcusSchmidt love @jasonfried ‘s points. there is no b2b or b2c. its people talking, buying, selling.

From @Toolulu People are so sick of you pitching and selling. Real relationships and patience is where it’s at @garyvee

From @thescottbishop Dream big…but dream with a deadline

I’m sure there are many other salient points that have been passed along that I have missed, so feel free to share your favorites in the comments and keep the conversation going well beyond the end of Big Omaha 2010.

Berkshire weekend in progress

The congregation of capitalists has begun this evening in Omaha and continues throughout the weekend.  In addition to the agenda for the annual meeting itself, the World Herald reports that many other organizations and events are planned to take advantage of the great minds in the Metro this weekend.

I would definitely encourage anyone who has the time tomorrow afternoon to check out Creighton’s panel discussion at 3:30 pm and say hi to John Wingender for me.  Sounds like last year’s turnout was great and the pre-registration this year appears very promising.

Another article from the World Herald has a detailed schedule of events, including an unofficial Tweetup at the Slowdown on Saturday afternoon.  So if you’re bored in Omaha this weekend, it’s your own fault!