MACRS HY Depreciation Schedule

Just to show how big of a dork I am, I wanted to share a spreadsheet that I made in Excel originally, then realized it was simple enough to even be used as a Google Document. It’s set up to put in the asset information you have, then figure the MACRS depreciation based on the half-year convention. The depreciation schedule is on the first tab and the MACRS table it refers to is on the second tab.

MACRS Half Year Convention Depreciation Schedule



CPA Technology Advisor’s Top 40 under 40

I know this post is basically breaking my arm to give myself a pat on the back, but I’m happy I made the cut for CPA Technology Advisor’s Top 40 under 40 shortly before I was recognized by the Journal of Accounting for my Excel-lence.

Mentioned in the Journal of Accountancy

My alternative solution to the problem posted in the August Journal of Accountancy Technology Q&A has been published as part of the November Technology Q&A. Excel functions that have embedded “if” properties such as AVERAGEIF(), COUNTIF(), and SUMIF() are very powerful tools “if” you take the time to learn their power and integrate them into your workflow.

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