Branstad should lead on gas tax hike

That adds to the cost and runs counter to his efforts to lower property taxes. He should point out that the citizens commission he established in 2011, after holding public hearings across Iowa, recommended increasing taxes on fuel and vehicle sales.

Laird: Allowing Iowa’s highways to deteriorate is an economic issue

Iowa has 114,000 miles of roads within its borders, enough to make 38 trips across the breadth of the United States from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Those 38 trips back and forth across the continent would be fairly smooth going now, unless you …

Iowa business interests pushes tax changes

“Iowa’s road system requires immediate attention,” said Kelly Halstead, economic development director for the Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance. She said her nonpartisan group supports new or alternative sources of revenue, including a fuel tax increas

Iowa gas-tax debate gaining speed

DES MOINES — Road builders, contractors and their allies will gather in the Statehouse Rotunda under the banner “It’s Time for a Dime” on Wednesday in what will be the most public push for a gas tax increase to date. For months, some of Iowa’s …